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Fabulous cause and group!!

Womens right to vote

As a woman born with this right, it is easy to forget the brave women who fought for this right and the Amendment 19 on August 19, 1920. Also known as the women’s suffrage act, this right was fought for many years before it passed.  To this very day there is still plenty of suffrage and lack of equal rights for women around the world and I think we should all take time to appreciate what we have here in the United States, and other countries where women are allowed to vote and take office.  The women that took on this battle had to hear all of the criticisms and attempted to be held back by the lack of equal education opportunities and yet  they were strong and fought hard and got us where we are  today.

Thank you to all the unknown soldiers in the photo’s below.  My daughter thanks you as well.

*Interesting fact*

Votes for women were first seriously proposed in the United States in July, 1848, at the Seneca Falls Woman’s Rights Convention organized by  Elizabeth Cady Stanton and  Lucretia Mott. One woman who attended that convention was Charlotte Woodward. She was nineteen at the time. In 1920, when women finally won the vote throughout the nation, Charlotte Woodward was the only participant in the 1848 Convention who was still alive to be able to vote, though she was apparently too ill to actually cast a ballot.