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Los Angeles, a long time ago…..

Things in Los Angeles change so quickly. Even in my short 33 years in this area, I can easily find myself lost in familiar areas as development is like an infectious disease.  I only say that as I am a fan of restoration and not demolition and re-development. *sigh*

Here is a picture of the late 1890s on Third Street.  It’s breathtaking!

Here is something you may or may not know but you can still experience Victorian neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  To my surprise and discovery last year of the Angelino Heights!!


Angelino Heights, located to the east of Echo Park Lake and north of the 101 Freeway, remains a unique and remarkably well preserved section of Victorian-era Los Angeles.

There is over 50 jaw dropping Victorian homes

Welcome all!

Welcome friends, I have created this page to share my adventures and excitement for all things relating art, culture, history and film. I am an old soul who loves movies from silent films into the mid to late 1940’s. I do make exceptions for some 1950 Film Noir as I love Edward G Robinson. Please feel free to share events and historical sites in your area as well!