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Hello all! My name is Theresa, currently living in sunny Southern California, and I am a self proclaimed Sociocultural Anthropologist and Classic Cinephile with passions in the eras of late 1800’s to 1950’s. I love all things vintage and historical, and it shows in my work. I currently run a Facebook community with over 23,000 followers as well as this blog, and I’m working on expanding my vintage horizons. With a degree in Communications, I love networking with like minded people and am a social media junkie. The internet has blessed this introvert the ability to find people across the globe with similar interest as well as to follow thousands of pages online and keep my finger on the pulse of classic loving culture.

I love to attend film festivals, museums, Victorian home tours, and I frequent the Art Deco of Society of Los Angeles events. My dusty love is so strong I feel I must share anything I find be it images, movies, tidbits and facts, events, or locations with everyone! My long term goal is to own a beautiful Queen Anne style Victorian and use it commercially to share the architecturally stunning beauty with the masses!


This is one of my local favorite Victorian homes found in lovely Redlands, CA

The Morey Mansion!



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