About Vintage Wonderlust

This site was created to share and hopefully gain information on art, art shows, culture, articles, classic film, museums, history, Victorian homes, I love it all!!!

Please note that in most of my posts is a clickable link directly under the date where you can get more information on the topic discussed. I am not able to cover every calendar event for each location that I suggest to visit, so I encourage you to explore further and find what is best for you. Happy hunting and PLEASE share with me anything that you experience that is related. I love learning new things!

I also purposely try to keep my posts short, sweet, and have lots of visuals. I know my attention span equals that of a toddler so I keep this in mind and don’t want to lose my audience!! Enjoy!

 photo IMG_20130724_164825_zps3dbd4996.jpg◔‿◔ I stumbled across this lovely pin and thought you may like it for your "Vintage" board.







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