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Welcome to the world of working out…vintage style!

Wooden treadmills and Mary Janes: Workouts 1920s style were a glamorous, if low-tech, affair

Exercise clothing of the era was  either a  cotton singlet with shorts or, going back a few more decades to the Victorian  era of the late 1800s, the smart tailoring that would  have been worn as day to  day dress.  Definitely not something comfortable…comfort for women has always seemed forbidden!

Pedalling across the water: Passengers of the doomed Titanic on the exercise bikes in the boat's gymnasium, built in 1910

Passengers of the doomed Titanic, which sunk in 1912, on exercise bikes in the  boat’s gymnasium wearing their extravagant cruise outfits, again, does not look very breathable or designed for comfort.
That thing looks dangerous! A woman demonstrating an exercise machine, known as the Gymo Frame, to members of the Arsenal soccer team at Highbury football ground in London, UK, in 1932

A woman demonstrating an exercise machine, known as the Gymo Frame.

Victorian: Engravings showing physiotherapy machines from 1895, taken from an edition of Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, a 19th century German encyclopedia

I’m not sure how well these worked but whatever gets your heart pumping!! Hope you enjoyed!

The Hitchcock 9 at LACMA

wow this sounds awesome!

Hitch’s Vertigo

The Hitchcock 9


In partnership with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, LACMA is proud to be the Los Angeles venue for this monumental touring series that presents, for the first time ever, all nine of Alfred Hitchcock’s surviving silent films in gorgeous new digital restorations from the British Film Institute. This series includes Hitchcock’s directorial debut—The Pleasure Garden, made when he was just 25—as well as beloved masterworks such as the expressionistic The Lodger and his seminal thrillerBlackmail. The series tracks how Hitchcock’s style developed over three short yet productive years as he transitioned from an UFA-steeped upstart to a world-class British auteur. Launching with the little-seen seaside melodrama The Manxman—featuring a new score written and performed by Stephen Horne—The Hitchcock 9 is a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating evolution of a cinematic genius.

Special support provided by the…

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Attn: Glendale, June 30th


June 29, 2013 – Silverado, CA Vintage Choppers!!


Vintage Medicine – Morphine, Meth, Weed, Cocaine, and Heroin on the menu


Morphine, meth, weed, cocaine and heroin are just a few of the medications used back in the day to cure things like sore throats and tooth aches. Yowza!

Cocaine drops

Lloyd Cocaine Toothache Drops

Cocaine was sold over-the-counter until 1914, which was otherwise known as the good old days.

cocaine-toothache “Not recommended for children under 6” WTH??!!


Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup

With 65 mg of morphine per fluid ounce, it’ll cure the aches associated with teething, and life in general.

cocaine-toothacheGorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and CocaineGorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

Originally intended as a patent medicine when it was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton. He used five ounces of coca leaf (141.7 g) per gallon of syrup in the first five years, but the company was bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler in 1891, who claimed his formula contained only 0.5 ounces. (14.2 g)

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

A mixture of opium and alcohol helped infants and little children to fall asleep, eeeeeeek!!

Tidbits and Facts

Here is what I can find as the first documented photograph ever taken with a person in it. 1838 in Paris.

Pakistan 1864

The first photographic studio 1893


Today in History, June 20, 1947 – Bugsy Siegel

On June 20, 1947, mobster Bugsy Siegel was gunned down in Beverly Hills.

On June 20, 1947, mobster Bugsy Siegel was gunned down in Beverly Hills. Bye-bye, Bugsy!

Born in Brooklyn on February 28, 1906, Bugsy Siegel built a criminal empire through bootlegging, gambling and ruthless assassinations before setting up shop in Las Vegas. He opened the famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the start of his notorious gambling operation in the middle of the Las Vegas desert.

On the evening of June 20, 1947, Siegel was brutally killed, when a  fusillade of bullets crashed through his living room window in Beverly  Hills. Simultaneously, three of Lansky’s cohorts entered the Flamingo  Hotel and declared a takeover. Although Lansky denied involvement in the  hit, there is little doubt that Siegel was murdered on syndicate  orders.

Hollywood Vamps & Vixens in the 1930’s – Pomona, CA

This looks really interesting! Check it out!!


This sounds amazing! the Sawdust Art Festival in Long Beach

Like a moth to a flame I was drawn  by fate to find this.  I love ANYTHING wood even good old fashioned forest and tree’s.  Living in Southern California where it is very dry and most nature is planned landscaping, I have a genuine appreciation for natural habitat.

BACK TO THE WOOD, so I was looking for new and fun things to do and found the Sawdust Art festival.  I love the craftsmanship that goes into anything made of wood and I really look forward to making it out to this sometime soon.

Sawdust Art Festival

935 Laguna Canyon Rd Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-3030

Sawdust Art Festival’s 47th Annual Summer Show

June 28 – September 1, 2013, open 10-10 daily

The Sawdust will feature the fine art and craft of over 200 Laguna Beach artists and is sure to be the highlight of your summer adventures.

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and novice artists have come to the Sawdust since the beginning in 1966 for our mix of fine art and craft. Media include hand-blown and fused glass, painting, jewelry, surf art, ceramics, clothing and textiles, wood and metal sculpture, scrimshaw, photography, and so much more.

Artists are eager to share their creative process with you so please feel free to ask the exhibitors questions, take an art workshop, and enjoy our live art demonstrations.  Have fun!!

Attn Classic Movie Lovers!!

If you don’t feel like seeing the latest and greatest in the theaters this weekend, check out these classics on the big screen!!

Jeff Margolis’ “Richard Pryor: Live in Concert” American Cinematheque’s Aero Theatre, Santa Monica Friday, 7:30 p.m., $11 The pioneering African American comic’s 1979 performance film shot at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach.

Peter Watkins’ “Privilege” Leo S. Bing Theater at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles Friday, 7:30 p.m., $4-$9 A rarely seen, controversial 1967 British film with Paul Jones and the British fashion model of the time, Jean Shrimpton.

Jacques Tourneur’s “Out of the Past” New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles Friday and Saturday, various times/$8 Robert Mitchum stars in this seminal 1947 film noir, which also features Jane Greer as the femme fatale and a young Kirk Douglas.

Mark Robson’s “Earthquake” American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood Saturday, 7:30 p.m., $11 Los Angeles is toppled by a massive earthquake in this campy 1974 disaster flick with a cast of thousands including Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner. The film will be presented in Sensurround, so you can actually feel the Earth move.

Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theatre, Los Angeles Sunday/2 p.m./$12 What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with this lovely, sentimental classic 1921 comedy with Chaplin and an adorable Jackie Coogan

Robert Mulligan’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles Sunday-Tuesday, various times, $8 Gregory Peck won a best actor Oscar as an honorable Southern attorney and loving father in this 1962 adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic book. Another perfect way to spend Father’s Day.





Ontario, CA Artwalk June 15, 2013 Free!!

Calling all salsa fans in Oxnard!!

No, not the dancing, I’m talking bring your favorite chip’s kind of salsa!!

The Oxnard Salsa Festival celebrates its 20th year anniversary in 2013!  One of Oxnard’s signature events, the Oxnard Salsa Festival celebrates salsa food, music and dance on July 27-28, 2013 at Plaza Park, Fifth and “B” Streets, in historic downtown Oxnard.

Presented by the Oxnard Downtowners, the annual event features spicy food and fiery, top entertainment, attracting an estimated 45,000 salsa lovers to the City of Oxnard for the two-day action packed celebration.

The festival shows off everything salsa – the food, the music, the dance – is on the menu!  Event highlights include Main Stage entertainment with Salsa and Latin Jazz bands; the Salsa Tasting Tent, featuring over 75 different salsas; an eclectic vendor marketplace; international foods; Kids Korner attractions; chef demonstrations; a salsa recipe contest and more. Event admission and parking are FREE!

OSF_KidsArt1For more information, check out their great website!

Silent Movie Time Capsule: Battle of the Bobbed Hair

so controversial!

Movies Silently

Ladies! Do you realize that by bobbing your hair you are suggesting that you are a man’s intellectual equal? Gracious! How could such a calamity come upon us? (Fans self) Next thing you know, women will be going to college and becoming doctors and lawyers!

Curse you, barbers!

This 1924 article from Photoplay gives the skinny on the scandalous cutting of a woman’s crowning glory. I particularly enjoyed what the stars had to say about the matter. (If it was really them, that is.)









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Culture calls in Fullerton, CA June 23, 2013


Attn Vintage lovers in Simi Valley, June 13, 2013