Another local favorite, the Ames-Westbrook home circa 1888 in Riverside, CA

20th Annual Vintage Home Tour

Landmark Plaque Text

Samuel A. Ames was the first owner of this Queen Anne style residence.  Born in Boston in 1832, Mr. Ames worked as a Pony Express rider in the southwest before coming to Riverside in 1878 and prospering in citriculture.  The house is best known for long-time owners Mr. And Mrs. John R. Westbrook, who lived there from 1919 to 1943.  Mr. Westbrook helped establish Riverside’s Franzen Brothers Hardware Store at 3730 Main Street, which later became the J.R. Westbrook Company, one of Riverside’s finest stores specializing in hardware and china.

This Queen Anne style residence was built by grove owner Samuel A. Ames in 1888.  It is best known for long-time owners Mr. and Mrs. John R. Westbrook.  John helped establish Riverside’s Franzen Brothers Hardware Store, which later became J.R. Westbrook Company.

Unfortunately this gorgeous home is not available for tours is owned privately, it is still a stunner you must drive by to appreciate.  One of the most beautiful Victorian properties, located at 4811 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA, I have seen as it has a lovely grapevine  covered walkway and a cement stage in the front for entertainment.  I can only imagine the wonderful parties that have happened in the past. 


Riverside is rich with history and I suggest for you to go on the annual vintage home tour.  The Ames-Westbrook has been one of the homes allowed to tour but I am not sure if it will be covered this year as it was recently purchased by new owners.

The information for this can be found here:

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